Healthcare Essential Workers
Healthcare Essential Workers
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Healthcare Essential Workers

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About this course

For healthcare professionals who effectively serve LGBT patients, it calls for them to recognize the cultural context in their lives. They must alter their care approaches, behaviors, language to be inclusive, and non-judgmental. By becoming educated about LGBTQ+ patients, a healthcare body of workers can help make certain that LGBT patients receive the level of care that everyone merits. Healthcare workers must be biased free and should be friendly towards LGBTQ patients to ensure they obtain the equality of healthcare equal to all patients in the general public. Healthcare workers should be properly trained about handling such patients and providing them with appropriate health care. Enroll in this course and you will become more educated about the LGBTQ+ population. You will learn how to provide the proper care for LGBTQ+ patients and express kindness and sensitivity towards them without displaying harmful bias behaviors.

Before you leave:

  • This is a five-module online course
  • Each module last 90 minutes and is interactive and engaging
  • No background knowledge is necessary
  • Learner-focus videos are provided
  • Each module contains a pre and post questionnaire
  • Knowledge checks activities and questions are provided throughout training
  • The implementation of the course is set by your employer