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£Online learning

About this course

Teachers play a very important role in supporting all students especially diverse and LGBTQ students. In fact, for LGBTQ+ students, teachers’ support can be both crucial and sometimes lifesaving for them. Adults at school are the ones who are responsible for advocating every minority according to race, gender, sexual orientation, or identity. Studies have shown that 96% of LGBTQ students have at least one adult at school who supports their choices and these kids depend on them.

But is one person enough in the whole institution to protect LGBTQ youth?  The fact is that more teachers need to increase their knowledge and awareness about their rapidly changing and evolving diverse fabric of the K-12 students population specially related to LGBTQ+ students. Enroll in this course and you will learn to  explore  and manage your biases and develop dependable relationships with a diverse students especially fragile students who are members of the LGBTQ+ community.


Before you leave:

  • This is a five-module online course
  • Each module last 90 minutes and is interactive and engaging
  • No background knowledge is necessary
  • Learner-focus videos are provided
  • Each module contains a pre and post questionnaire
  • Knowledge checks activities and questions are provided throughout training
  • The implementation of the course is set by your employer