Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement
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Law Enforcement

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About this course

Law enforcement is a very important profession for society. Law enforcement individuals protect and serve individuals throughout our nation by substaining and restoring justice as they build safe communities.  The position of a police officer is not only wise and self-giving, it’s also a difficult one. Every police officer must maintain objectivity in the work environment and among their co-workers. They cannot allow prejudice and discrimination to consume their behaviors.

Police officers must make decisions legally and must ensure that people from all walks of life have full access to justice. It is noted that, officers are faced with two-folded concerns when abiding to their oath to serve and protect. They must address diverse people among their peers and from people from all walk of life, especially those who are from the LGBTQ community.  In this course, law enforcement personnel especially, police officers will learn to develop sound relationships with their peers and become knowledgeable about serving diverse citizens, especially those who are members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Before you leave:

  • This is a five-module online course
  • Each interactive and engaging module lasts for  90 minutes
  • No background knowledge is necessary
  • Learner-focus videos are provided
  • Each module contains a pre and post questionnaire
  • Knowledge checks activities and questions are provided throughout training
  • The implementation of the course is set by your employer