Chief Learning Officer
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Chief Learning Officer

Empowering All Through the Journey of Lifelong Learning

Transformation: Steering Growth & Development

Dr. Vicki Golden 

B. A., M.A., M.S.A., Ed. S., PhD

In my role, I am tasked with overseeing learning and development strategies tailored to meet both individual and organizational needs. My responsibilities include creating comprehensive training plans that span a wide range of areas, from onboarding new hires to ensuring teams are up to date with the latest technological innovations.


The distinctiveness of my methodology lies in the incorporation of my own experiences in confronting and overcoming significant challenges, such as sexual abuse and violence. These experiences have taught me the importance of static endurance, perseverance, and strategic problem-solving approaches, which I integrate into fostering a result-oriented mindset.

A Vision of Resilience: Shaping Future Leaders

My goal is to reshape not just capabilities, but also the cultural fabric of organizations. I aim to imbue each training session with lessons of endurance and triumph, reflecting my own journey. By educating and nurturing the mindset of each individual, I am not only contributing to their personal growth but also transforming the organizational culture into a more understanding, resilient, and supportive environment. This is how I use my skills and talents – to pave the way for others to discover and achieve their version of success, enriched by a sense of gratitude and a deep understanding of overcoming adversity.

Embracing Knowledge Exchange for Progressive Leadership

As the Chief Learning Officer, I advocate for open-mindedness and forward-thinking. Central to this is learning from everyone, appreciating diverse perspectives from all sources. This not only enriches our knowledge but also aligns our efforts towards achieving business goals in an environment conducive to growth.

Flexibility and adaptability are key in our culture, especially when encountering new ideas. We encourage our team to be receptive to change, fostering a dynamic workspace where learning is collaborative and continuous.

This combination of experience, openness to change, and enthusiasm for new ideas forms the essence of our progressive leadership. It drives our company towards success and excellence in all our endeavors.


Diverse Perspectives Enrich Learning Paths

As the Chief Learning Officer, fostering an environment of diversity, inclusion, and belonging is integral to the spread of learning. These values are the bedrock of a culture where every voice is heard, and all contributions are valued, creating a rich tapestry of perspectives that drive innovation and understanding. Guiding the learning focus within such an environment means ensuring that educational initiatives and opportunities are accessible and relevant to all, celebrating the varied experiences that each individual brings to the table.


By embedding these principles into the core of our learning strategies, we not only enhance the educational experience but also mirror the world’s diverse nature. It’s my responsibility to ensure that our learning environment is a reflection of the wide array of thoughts, backgrounds, and experiences that our members represent, thereby enriching our collective wisdom and nurturing a community where everyone feels they truly belong.

Adversity Overcome: Sexual Abuse and Violence Prevention

As a survivor of sexual abuse and violence, I have learned the immense power of resilience and determination. These experiences, though deeply traumatic, have become the bedrock upon which I build my journey towards healing and empowerment. I’ve turned my past hardships into a platform for education, dedicating myself to teaching others about the importance of prevention and the availability of support. This pursuit of knowledge isn’t just a personal endeavor; it serves as a beacon, guiding me from the shadows of my experiences into a role of advocacy and strength.


In this role, I am committed to empowering fellow survivors. It’s my mission to use my education and experience to reinforce their resolve, reminding them that their dreams and aspirations need not be derailed by such harrowing experiences. We can rise above and beyond our past traumas. Moreover, I am passionate about spreading awareness to prevent others from becoming victims of sexual abuse. By sharing knowledge about the facts and circumstances that lead to such incidents, I aim to create a more informed and vigilant society. It is through this collective understanding and support that we can all contribute to a safer, more empathetic world.

Emotional Intelligence: Core of Existence

Emotional intelligence lies at the heart of our humanity, threading through the very essence of our existence. It influences every aspect of behavior, shaping how we interact with the world and each other Teaching the foundations of emotional intelligence is crucial because it is a skill that can be learned and honed. My passion lies in imparting this key ability, nurturing an individual’s capacity to recognize, understand, and manage emotions effectively. This passion drives my commitment to developing emotional intelligence as a fundamental skill set, essential for personal and professional success.

Integrating Technology for Universal Learning

As a technology consultant with expertise in IT and various technological platforms, I integrate technology into every facet of promoting education in my leadership role. Technology’s role in learning is crucial as it broadens accessibility, allowing education to be omnipresent, surpassing conventional constraints. It’s essential to leverage technology thoughtfully, tailoring it to fit diverse learning styles and thus enhancing the overall educational engagement and efficacy.