About US
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About US

We Deliver Innovative Diverse Solutions for Today’s Diverse Workplace

Who Are We

Golden Dynamic Solutions, LLC is a global performance and improvement technology consulting and training firm. We use proven performance sciences and data-driven methodologies to foster continuous organizational performance and development. We empower individuals in the workforce to think, Learn, and perform as they strive to be their best selves both personally and professionally.

 Our Mission is Customer


Every customer is important to us as we value your business. Our core value is to provide excellent customer service that centers on treating all individuals with respect. We use innovative up-to-date user-friendly technologies. By employing clear and precise communication, we address your needs. Your valuable feed-back is welcomed to improve our performance and to better serve you.

Consulting and Coaching

We assist you to adapt and succeed in this ever-changing world of technology and business. With over 20 years of experience, we provide leadership coaching and business consulting. In addition, we are experience in providing instructional design services to create customize instruction-led, virtual and mobile training.

Engaging e-Learning Courses

We provide industry e-learning courses that can be employed on nearly all devices such as computers tablets and mobile smart phones. Currently, we offer e-learning courses that focus on diversity, equity, inclusion center of the LGBTQ+ population for law enforcement, teachers, healthcare professionals, executive leaders, educational administrator, HR processionals and workforce employees. Soon, we will offer emotional intelligence training and personal development for leaders and their employees that enhances both personal and professional growth.

Customize Virtual Instructor-Led Training

We create customized virtual instructor-led training that offer a live learning platform for small groups of 10- to- 25 learners via mobile, computer, and/tablet device. We integrate interactive peer learning experiences to obtain measurable learning results in real-time. This innovational feature rich platform provides non-traditions learning experiences to develop high performing leaders, managers, and teammates for today’s diverse ever-changing workplace.